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Table - Class in nxt.db
Table(String) - Constructor for class nxt.db.Table
table - Variable in class nxt.db.Table
tag(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.SearchDGSGoodsCall
tag(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.SearchTaggedDataCall
TAGGED_DATA_UPLOAD - Static variable in class nxt.taggeddata.TaggedDataTransactionType
TaggedDataAttachment - Class in nxt.taggeddata
TaggedDataAttachment(String, String, String, String, String, boolean, String, byte[]) - Constructor for class nxt.taggeddata.TaggedDataAttachment
TaggedDataHome - Class in nxt.taggeddata
TaggedDataHome.Tag - Class in nxt.taggeddata
TaggedDataHome.TaggedData - Class in nxt.taggeddata
TaggedDataResponse - Interface in nxt.http.responses
TaggedDataResponseImpl - Class in nxt.http.responses
TaggedDataResponseImpl(JSONObject) - Constructor for class nxt.http.responses.TaggedDataResponseImpl
TaggedDataResponseImpl(JO) - Constructor for class nxt.http.responses.TaggedDataResponseImpl
TaggedDataTransactionType - Class in nxt.taggeddata
tagPrefix(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetDataTagsLikeCall
tagPrefix(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetDGSTagsLikeCall
tags(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.DgsListingCall
tags(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.UploadTaggedDataCall
tags(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.VerifyTaggedDataCall
takeSnapshot(long) - Method in class nxt.migration.HoldingSnapshot
TESTNET_ACCELERATION - Static variable in class nxt.Constants
TESTNET_API_PORT - Static variable in class nxt.http.API
TESTNET_API_SSLPORT - Static variable in class nxt.http.API
THREAD_POOL - Static variable in interface nxt.configuration.SubSystem
ThreadPool - Class in nxt.util
threshold(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.StartFundingMonitorCall
thresholdAmountNQT(long) - Method in interface com.jelurida.ardor.contracts.NewAccountFaucet.Params
thresholdBlocks() - Method in interface com.jelurida.ardor.contracts.NewAccountFaucet.Params
Time - Interface in nxt.util
Time.ConstantTime - Class in nxt.util
Time.CounterTime - Class in nxt.util
Time.EpochTime - Class in nxt.util
Time.FasterTime - Class in nxt.util
timeout(long) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.EventWaitCall
timestamp(int) - Method in interface nxt.blockchain.Transaction.Builder
timestamp(int) - Method in class nxt.blockchain.TransactionImpl.BuilderImpl
timestamp(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.CreateTransactionCallBuilder
timestamp(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetAccountBlockIdsCall
timestamp(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetAccountBlocksCall
timestamp(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetAliasesCall
timestamp(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetAllExchangesCall
timestamp(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetAllPrunableMessagesCall
timestamp(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetAllTradesCall
timestamp(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetAssetDividendsCall
timestamp(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetAssetHistoryCall
timestamp(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetAssetTransfersCall
timestamp(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetBlockCall
timestamp(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetBlockchainTransactionsCall
timestamp(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetBlocksCall
timestamp(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetCurrencyTransfersCall
timestamp(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetECBlockCall
timestamp(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetExchangesCall
timestamp(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetPollsCall
timestamp(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetPrunableMessagesCall
timestamp(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetTradesCall
toArray(List<Long>) - Static method in class nxt.util.Convert
toArray(long[]) - Static method in class nxt.util.Convert
toArray(Long[]) - Static method in class nxt.util.Convert
toBytes(String) - Static method in class nxt.util.Convert
toBytes(String, boolean) - Static method in class nxt.util.Convert
toBytes(long) - Static method in class nxt.util.Convert
toEpochTime(long) - Static method in class nxt.util.Convert
toHexString(byte[]) - Method in class nxt.addons.AbstractContractContext
Convert byte array to hex string
toHexString(byte[]) - Static method in class nxt.util.Convert
toJSONArray() - Method in class nxt.addons.JA
toJSONObject() - Method in class nxt.addons.JO
toJSONString() - Method in class nxt.addons.JO
toJSONString(JSONAware) - Static method in class nxt.util.JSON
Create a formatted JSON string
Token - Class in nxt.account
token(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.DecodeFileTokenCall
token(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.DecodeTokenCall
token(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.EventRegisterCall
token(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.EventWaitCall
toList(long[]) - Static method in class nxt.util.Convert
TOO_MANY_PHASING_VOTES - Static variable in class nxt.http.JSONResponses
toSet(long[]) - Static method in class nxt.util.Convert
toString() - Method in class nxt.account.Account.AccountAsset
toString() - Method in class nxt.account.Account.AccountCurrency
toString() - Method in class nxt.account.Account
toString() - Method in class nxt.addons.ChainWrapper
toString() - Method in class
toString() - Method in class
toString() - Method in class
toString() - Method in class nxt.blockchain.BlockImpl
toString() - Method in class nxt.blockchain.Chain
toString() - Method in class nxt.blockchain.ChainTransactionId
toString() - Method in class nxt.blockchain.Generator
toString() - Method in class nxt.blockchain.TransactionType
toString() - Method in class nxt.ce.CoinExchange.Order
toString() - Method in class nxt.ce.CoinExchange.Trade
toString() - Method in class nxt.crypto.AnonymouslyEncryptedData
toString() - Method in class nxt.crypto.EncryptedData
toString() - Method in class nxt.crypto.SecretShare
toString() - Method in class nxt.db.Table
toString() - Method in enum nxt.http.APITag
toString() - Method in class
toString() - Method in class nxt.util.BooleanExpression.SemanticWarning
toString(byte[]) - Static method in class nxt.util.Convert
toString(byte[], boolean) - Static method in class nxt.util.Convert
toString(JSONStreamAware) - Static method in class nxt.util.JSON
toString() - Method in class
toString() - Method in class
toString() - Method in class
totalBuyLimitQNT(long) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.PublishExchangeOfferCall
totalFeesLimitFQT(long) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.AddBundlingRuleCall
totalFeesLimitFQT(long) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.StartBundlerCall
totalPieces(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.SplitSecretCall
totalSellLimitQNT(long) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.PublishExchangeOfferCall
TradeHome - Class in
TradeHome.Event - Enum in
TradeHome.Trade - Class in
Transaction - Interface in nxt.blockchain
transaction(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetExchangesByExchangeRequestCall
transaction(long) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetExchangesByExchangeRequestCall
transaction(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetFxtTransactionCall
transaction(long) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetFxtTransactionCall
transaction(Transaction) - Static method in class nxt.http.JSONData
Transaction.Builder - Interface in nxt.blockchain
TransactionalDb - Class in nxt.db
TransactionalDb(BasicDb.DbProperties) - Constructor for class nxt.db.TransactionalDb
TransactionalDb.TransactionCallback - Interface in nxt.db
Transaction callback interface
transactionBytes(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.BroadcastTransactionCall
transactionBytes(byte[]) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.BroadcastTransactionCall
transactionBytes(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.CalculateFeeCall
transactionBytes(byte[]) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.CalculateFeeCall
transactionBytes(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.ParseTransactionCall
transactionBytes(byte[]) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.ParseTransactionCall
transactionBytes(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.SendTransactionCall
transactionBytes(byte[]) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.SendTransactionCall
TransactionContext - Class in nxt.addons
TransactionContext(Transaction, ContractRunnerConfig, JO, String, String) - Constructor for class nxt.addons.TransactionContext
transactionFullHash(String...) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.BundleTransactionsCall
transactionFullHash(byte[]...) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.BundleTransactionsCall
transactionFullHash(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.DownloadPrunableMessageCall
transactionFullHash(byte[]) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.DownloadPrunableMessageCall
transactionFullHash(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.DownloadTaggedDataCall
transactionFullHash(byte[]) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.DownloadTaggedDataCall
transactionFullHash(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetPhasingPollCall
transactionFullHash(byte[]) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetPhasingPollCall
transactionFullHash(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetPhasingPollVoteCall
transactionFullHash(byte[]) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetPhasingPollVoteCall
transactionFullHash(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetPhasingPollVotesCall
transactionFullHash(byte[]) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetPhasingPollVotesCall
transactionFullHash(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetPrunableMessageCall
transactionFullHash(byte[]) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetPrunableMessageCall
transactionFullHash(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetReferencingTransactionsCall
transactionFullHash(byte[]) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetReferencingTransactionsCall
transactionFullHash(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetTaggedDataCall
transactionFullHash(byte[]) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetTaggedDataCall
transactionFullHash(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.ReadMessageCall
transactionFullHash(byte[]) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.ReadMessageCall
transactionFullHash(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.RetrievePrunedTransactionCall
transactionFullHash(byte[]) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.RetrievePrunedTransactionCall
transactionFullHash(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.VerifyPrunableMessageCall
transactionFullHash(byte[]) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.VerifyPrunableMessageCall
transactionFullHash(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.VerifyTaggedDataCall
transactionFullHash(byte[]) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.VerifyTaggedDataCall
TransactionHome - Class in nxt.blockchain
TransactionImpl - Class in nxt.blockchain
TransactionImpl.BuilderImpl - Class in nxt.blockchain
transactionJSON(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.BroadcastTransactionCall
transactionJSON(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.CalculateFeeCall
transactionJSON(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.ParseTransactionCall
transactionJSON(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.SendTransactionCall
transactionParameters(HttpServletRequest, Account, Attachment) - Method in class nxt.http.CreateTransaction
TransactionPrincipal - Class in
TransactionPrincipal(String) - Constructor for class
TransactionProcessor - Interface in nxt.blockchain
TransactionProcessor.Event - Enum in nxt.blockchain
TransactionProcessorImpl - Class in nxt.blockchain
TransactionResponse - Interface in nxt.http.responses
TransactionResponseImpl - Class in nxt.http.responses
TransactionResponseImpl(JSONObject) - Constructor for class nxt.http.responses.TransactionResponseImpl
TransactionResponseImpl(JO) - Constructor for class nxt.http.responses.TransactionResponseImpl
TransactionsInventory - Class in nxt.peer
TransactionsInventoryMessage(List<? extends Transaction>) - Constructor for class nxt.peer.NetworkMessage.TransactionsInventoryMessage
Construct a TransactionsInventory message
TransactionsMessage(long, List<? extends Transaction>) - Constructor for class nxt.peer.NetworkMessage.TransactionsMessage
Construct a Transactions message
TransactionType - Class in nxt.blockchain
TransactionTypeBundler - Class in nxt.addons
TransactionTypeBundler() - Constructor for class nxt.addons.TransactionTypeBundler
TransactionTypeEnum - Enum in nxt.blockchain
Important! Whenever adding or changing a value run the main menu to generate the constants in the Constants inner class
TransactionTypeExplorer - Class in
Utility class to provide sample data for each transaction type.
TransactionTypeExplorer() - Constructor for class
TransferAsset - Class in nxt.http
TransferAssetCall - Class in nxt.http.callers
TransferCurrency - Class in nxt.http
TransferCurrencyCall - Class in nxt.http.callers
TriggerContractByHeightCall - Class in nxt.http.callers
TriggerContractByRequestCall - Class in nxt.http.callers
TriggerContractByTransactionCall - Class in nxt.http.callers
TriggerContractByVoucherCall - Class in nxt.http.callers
triggerFullHash(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.TriggerContractByTransactionCall
triggerFullHash(byte[]) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.TriggerContractByTransactionCall
trim(int) - Method in class nxt.db.DerivedDbTable
trim(int) - Method in class nxt.db.EntityDbTable
trim(int) - Method in class nxt.db.PrunableDbTable
trim(int) - Method in class nxt.db.ValuesDbTable
trimDerivedTables() - Method in interface nxt.blockchain.BlockchainProcessor
trimDerivedTables() - Method in class nxt.blockchain.BlockchainProcessorImpl
TrimDerivedTables - Class in nxt.http
TrimDerivedTablesCall - Class in nxt.http.callers
trimKeep - Static variable in class nxt.account.AccountLedger
Number of blocks to keep when trimming
truncate() - Method in class nxt.db.DerivedDbTable
truncate() - Method in class nxt.db.PersistentDbTable
truncate() - Method in class nxt.db.Table
truncate(String, String, int, boolean) - Static method in class nxt.util.Convert
TrustAllSSLProvider - Class in nxt.util
TrustAllSSLProvider() - Constructor for class nxt.util.TrustAllSSLProvider
trustRemoteCertificate(boolean) - Method in class nxt.http.APICall.Builder
tryCountVotes(ChildTransactionImpl, Map<TransactionType, Map<String, Integer>>) - Method in class
two64 - Static variable in class nxt.util.Convert
type(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetBlockchainTransactionsCall
type(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetExecutedTransactionsCall
type(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.IssueCurrencyCall
type(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.UploadTaggedDataCall
type(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.VerifyTaggedDataCall
TYPE_ACCOUNT_CONTROL - Static variable in class nxt.blockchain.ChildTransactionType
TYPE_ACCOUNT_CONTROL - Static variable in class nxt.blockchain.FxtTransactionType
TYPE_ACCOUNT_PROPERTY - Static variable in class nxt.blockchain.ChildTransactionType
TYPE_ALIASES - Static variable in class nxt.blockchain.ChildTransactionType
TYPE_ASSET_EXCHANGE - Static variable in class nxt.blockchain.ChildTransactionType
TYPE_CHILDCHAIN_BLOCK - Static variable in class nxt.blockchain.FxtTransactionType
TYPE_COIN_EXCHANGE - Static variable in class nxt.blockchain.ChildTransactionType
TYPE_COIN_EXCHANGE - Static variable in class nxt.blockchain.FxtTransactionType
TYPE_DATA - Static variable in class nxt.blockchain.ChildTransactionType
TYPE_DIGITAL_GOODS - Static variable in class nxt.blockchain.ChildTransactionType
TYPE_LIGHT_CONTRACT - Static variable in class nxt.blockchain.ChildTransactionType
TYPE_MESSAGING - Static variable in class nxt.blockchain.ChildTransactionType
TYPE_MONETARY_SYSTEM - Static variable in class nxt.blockchain.ChildTransactionType
TYPE_PAYMENT - Static variable in class nxt.blockchain.ChildTransactionType
TYPE_PAYMENT - Static variable in class nxt.blockchain.FxtTransactionType
TYPE_SHUFFLING - Static variable in class nxt.blockchain.ChildTransactionType
TYPE_VOTING - Static variable in class nxt.blockchain.ChildTransactionType
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