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data(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.DecryptFromCall
data(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.DetectMimeTypeCall
data(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.UploadTaggedDataCall
data(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.VerifyTaggedDataCall
DatabaseAccess - Class in com.jelurida.ardor.contracts
Sample contracts to demonstrate how to work with contract permissions.
DatabaseAccess() - Constructor for class com.jelurida.ardor.contracts.DatabaseAccess
DataUploader - Class in com.jelurida.ardor.client.api
Upload a file data to a remote node.
DataUploader() - Constructor for class com.jelurida.ardor.client.api.DataUploader
DB - Static variable in interface nxt.configuration.SubSystem
db - Variable in class nxt.db.DbVersion
db - Static variable in class nxt.db.Table
Db - Class in nxt.dbschema
db - Static variable in class nxt.dbschema.Db
DbClause - Class in nxt.db
DbClause(String) - Constructor for class nxt.db.DbClause
DbClause.BooleanClause - Class in nxt.db
DbClause.ByteClause - Class in nxt.db
DbClause.BytesClause - Class in nxt.db
DbClause.FixedClause - Class in nxt.db
DbClause.HashClause - Class in nxt.db
DbClause.IntClause - Class in nxt.db
DbClause.LikeClause - Class in nxt.db
DbClause.LongClause - Class in nxt.db
DbClause.NotNullClause - Class in nxt.db
DbClause.NullClause - Class in nxt.db
DbClause.Op - Enum in nxt.db
DbClause.StringClause - Class in nxt.db
dbDir(String) - Method in class nxt.db.BasicDb.DbProperties
DbIterator<T> - Class in nxt.db
DbIterator(Connection, PreparedStatement, DbIterator.ResultSetReader<T>) - Constructor for class nxt.db.DbIterator
DbIterator.ResultSetReader<T> - Interface in nxt.db
DbKey - Interface in nxt.db
DbKey.Factory<T> - Class in nxt.db
DbKey.HashHashKey - Class in nxt.db
DbKey.HashHashKeyFactory<T> - Class in nxt.db
DbKey.HashHashLongKey - Class in nxt.db
DbKey.HashHashLongKeyFactory<T> - Class in nxt.db
DbKey.HashKey - Class in nxt.db
DbKey.HashKeyFactory<T> - Class in nxt.db
DbKey.HashLongKey - Class in nxt.db
DbKey.HashLongKeyFactory<T> - Class in nxt.db
DbKey.LongKey - Class in nxt.db
DbKey.LongKeyFactory<T> - Class in nxt.db
DbKey.LongLongKey - Class in nxt.db
DbKey.LongLongKeyFactory<T> - Class in nxt.db
DbKey.LongStringKey - Class in nxt.db
DbKey.LongStringKeyFactory<T> - Class in nxt.db
DbKey.SmartFactory<T> - Class in nxt.db
DbKey.StringKey - Class in nxt.db
DbKey.StringKeyFactory<T> - Class in nxt.db
dbKeyFactory - Variable in class nxt.db.EntityDbTable
dbKeyFactory - Variable in class nxt.db.ValuesDbTable
dbParams(String) - Method in class nxt.db.BasicDb.DbProperties
dbPassword(String) - Method in class nxt.db.BasicDb.DbProperties
DbProperties() - Constructor for class nxt.db.BasicDb.DbProperties
DbShellServlet - Class in nxt.http
DbShellServlet() - Constructor for class nxt.http.DbShellServlet
dbType(String) - Method in class nxt.db.BasicDb.DbProperties
dbUrl(String) - Method in class nxt.db.BasicDb.DbProperties
dbUsername(String) - Method in class nxt.db.BasicDb.DbProperties
DbUtils - Class in nxt.db
DbVersion - Class in nxt.db
DbVersion(BasicDb, String) - Constructor for class nxt.db.DbVersion
deadline(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.CreateTransactionCallBuilder
DebugTrace - Class in nxt.addons
decimalMultiplier(int) - Static method in class nxt.util.Convert
decimals(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.IssueAssetCall
decimals(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.IssueCurrencyCall
DecodeFileToken - Class in nxt.http
DecodeFileTokenCall - Class in nxt.http.callers
DecodeQRCode - Class in nxt.http
The DecodeQRCode API converts a base64-encoded image of a 2-D QR (Quick Response) code to a UTF-8 string, using the ZXing library.
DecodeQRCodeCall - Class in nxt.http.callers
DecodeToken - Class in nxt.http
DecodeTokenCall - Class in nxt.http.callers
decrypt(String) - Method in class nxt.crypto.AnonymouslyEncryptedData
decrypt(byte[], byte[]) - Method in class nxt.crypto.AnonymouslyEncryptedData
decrypt(String, byte[]) - Method in class nxt.crypto.EncryptedData
decrypt(String) - Method in class nxt.messaging.PrunableMessageHome.PrunableMessage
decrypt(byte[]) - Method in class nxt.messaging.PrunableMessageHome.PrunableMessage
decryptedMessageIsText(boolean) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.DecryptFromCall
decryptFrom(EncryptedData, String, boolean) - Method in class nxt.account.Account
decryptFrom(byte[], EncryptedData, String, boolean) - Static method in class nxt.account.Account
decryptFrom(byte[], EncryptedData, boolean) - Method in interface nxt.addons.ContractRunnerConfig
DecryptFrom - Class in nxt.http
DecryptFromCall - Class in nxt.http.callers
DECRYPTION_FAILED - Static variable in class nxt.http.JSONResponses
DEFAULT_ACCOUNT_CONTROL_VARIABLE - Static variable in class nxt.account.AccountRestrictions.PhasingOnly
DEFAULT_ASSET_CONTROL_VARIABLE - Static variable in class
DEFAULT_CHILD_FEE - Static variable in interface nxt.blockchain.Fee
DEFAULT_FXT_FEE - Static variable in interface nxt.blockchain.Fee
DEFAULT_NUMBER_OF_FORK_CONFIRMATIONS - Static variable in class nxt.Constants
DefaultDirProvider - Class in nxt.env
DefaultDirProvider() - Constructor for class nxt.env.DefaultDirProvider
defaultLockTimeout(int) - Method in class nxt.db.BasicDb.DbProperties
defaultSort() - Method in class nxt.db.EntityDbTable
DelegatedContext - Class in nxt.addons
DelegatedContext(AbstractContractContext, String, JO) - Constructor for class nxt.addons.DelegatedContext
delete(T) - Method in class nxt.db.VersionedEntityDbTable
delete(T, boolean) - Method in class nxt.db.VersionedEntityDbTable
delete(T) - Method in class nxt.db.VersionedValuesDbTable
delete(String) - Method in class
DeleteAccountProperty - Class in nxt.http
DeleteAccountPropertyCall - Class in nxt.http.callers
DeleteAlias - Class in nxt.http
DeleteAliasCall - Class in nxt.http.callers
DeleteAssetProperty - Class in nxt.http
DeleteAssetPropertyCall - Class in nxt.http.callers
DeleteAssetShares - Class in nxt.http
DeleteAssetSharesCall - Class in nxt.http.callers
DeleteContractReference - Class in nxt.http
DeleteContractReferenceCall - Class in nxt.http.callers
DeleteCurrency - Class in nxt.http
DeleteCurrencyCall - Class in nxt.http.callers
deletePort(int) - Static method in class nxt.util.UPnP
Delete a port from the UPnP mapping
deleteProperty(long) - Method in class nxt.account.Account
deleteProperty(long) - Static method in class
deletesOnly(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetAssetHistoryCall
DELISTING - Static variable in class nxt.dgs.DigitalGoodsTransactionType
DelistingAttachment - Class in nxt.dgs
DelistingAttachment(long) - Constructor for class nxt.dgs.DelistingAttachment
DELIVERY - Static variable in class nxt.dgs.DigitalGoodsTransactionType
DeliveryAttachment - Class in nxt.dgs
DeliveryAttachment(long, EncryptedData, boolean, long) - Constructor for class nxt.dgs.DeliveryAttachment
deliveryDeadlineTimestamp(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.DgsPurchaseCall
deltaQuantity(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.DgsQuantityChangeCall
Demo - Class in nxt.addons
Demo() - Constructor for class nxt.addons.Demo
depth(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetStackTracesCall
DerivedDbTable - Class in nxt.db
DerivedDbTable(String) - Constructor for class nxt.db.DerivedDbTable
description(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.CreatePollCall
description(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.DgsListingCall
description(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.IssueAssetCall
description(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.IssueCurrencyCall
description(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.SetAccountInfoCall
description(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.UploadTaggedDataCall
description(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.VerifyTaggedDataCall
DESCRIPTION_RW - Static variable in class nxt.account.AccountInfoAttachment
DESCRIPTION_RW - Static variable in class
DESCRIPTION_RW - Static variable in class
DESKTOP_WALLET - Static variable in interface nxt.configuration.SubSystem
DesktopMode - Class in nxt.env
DesktopMode() - Constructor for class nxt.env.DesktopMode
destroy() - Method in class nxt.http.API.XFrameOptionsFilter
DetectMimeType - Class in nxt.http
detectMimeType(byte[], String) - Static method in class nxt.util.Search
detectMimeType(byte[]) - Static method in class nxt.util.Search
DetectMimeTypeCall - Class in nxt.http.callers
DGSDelisting - Class in nxt.http
DgsDelistingCall - Class in nxt.http.callers
DGSDelivery - Class in nxt.http
DgsDeliveryCall - Class in nxt.http.callers
DGSFeedback - Class in nxt.http
DgsFeedbackCall - Class in nxt.http.callers
DGSListing - Class in nxt.http
DgsListingCall - Class in nxt.http.callers
DGSPriceChange - Class in nxt.http
DgsPriceChangeCall - Class in nxt.http.callers
DGSPurchase - Class in nxt.http
DgsPurchaseCall - Class in nxt.http.callers
DGSQuantityChange - Class in nxt.http
DgsQuantityChangeCall - Class in nxt.http.callers
DGSRefund - Class in nxt.http
DgsRefundCall - Class in nxt.http.callers
DigitalGoodsHome - Class in nxt.dgs
DigitalGoodsHome.Event - Enum in nxt.dgs
DigitalGoodsHome.Goods - Class in nxt.dgs
DigitalGoodsHome.Purchase - Class in nxt.dgs
DigitalGoodsHome.Tag - Class in nxt.dgs
DigitalGoodsTransactionType - Class in nxt.dgs
DirProvider - Interface in nxt.env
DIRPROVIDER_ARG - Static variable in class nxt.env.RuntimeEnvironment
DISABLE_FULL_TEXT_SEARCH - Static variable in class nxt.Constants
DISABLE_METADATA_DETECTION - Static variable in class nxt.Constants
disableNetworking() - Static method in class nxt.peer.Peers
disconnectPeer() - Method in interface nxt.peer.Peer
Disconnect the peer
discountNQT(long) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.DgsDeliveryCall
DISJUNCTION_OPERATOR - Static variable in class nxt.util.BooleanExpression
DistributedRandomNumberGenerator - Class in com.jelurida.ardor.contracts
The DistributedRandomNumberGenerator is a utility contract which given a list of accounts and their weight, selects randomly one the accounts.
DistributedRandomNumberGenerator() - Constructor for class com.jelurida.ardor.contracts.DistributedRandomNumberGenerator
DIVIDEND_PAYMENT - Static variable in class
DividendPayment - Class in nxt.http
DividendPaymentAttachment - Class in
DividendPaymentAttachment(long, HoldingType, long, int, long) - Constructor for class
DividendPaymentCall - Class in nxt.http.callers
doFilter(ServletRequest, ServletResponse, FilterChain) - Method in class nxt.http.API.XFrameOptionsFilter
doGet(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse) - Method in class nxt.http.APIServlet
doGet(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse) - Method in class nxt.http.APITestServlet
doGet(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse) - Method in class nxt.http.DbShellServlet
doGet(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse) - Method in class nxt.http.PaperWalletServlet
Return a the paper wallet Html page representation previously generated by the client.
doPost(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse) - Method in class nxt.http.APIServlet
doPost(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse) - Method in class nxt.http.DbShellServlet
doubles(long) - Method in interface nxt.addons.RandomnessSource
doubles() - Method in interface nxt.addons.RandomnessSource
doubles(long, double, double) - Method in interface nxt.addons.RandomnessSource
doubles(double, double) - Method in interface nxt.addons.RandomnessSource
doubles(long) - Method in class nxt.addons.ReproducibleRandomness
doubles() - Method in class nxt.addons.ReproducibleRandomness
doubles(long, double, double) - Method in class nxt.addons.ReproducibleRandomness
doubles(double, double) - Method in class nxt.addons.ReproducibleRandomness
download() - Method in class nxt.http.APICall.Builder
DownloadPrunableMessage - Class in nxt.http
DownloadPrunableMessageCall - Class in nxt.http.callers
DownloadTaggedData - Class in nxt.http
DownloadTaggedDataCall - Class in nxt.http.callers
DownloadTimer - Class in nxt.addons
DownloadTimer() - Constructor for class nxt.addons.DownloadTimer
dropAll(Connection) - Static method in class nxt.db.FullTextTrigger
Drop all fulltext indexes
dropIndex(Connection, String, String) - Static method in class nxt.db.FullTextTrigger
Drop the fulltext index for a table
DumpPeers - Class in nxt.http
DumpPeersCall - Class in nxt.http.callers
DUPLICATE_REFUND - Static variable in class nxt.http.JSONResponses
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