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H2ConnectionPool - Class in nxt.db.pool
H2ConnectionPool() - Constructor for class nxt.db.pool.H2ConnectionPool
handleFreeze(long) - Method in class nxt.freeze.AbstractFreezeBlockHandler
hasAccount(long, int) - Static method in class nxt.account.Account
hasAppendix(String, JSONObject) - Static method in interface nxt.blockchain.Appendix
hasArgs() - Method in enum
hasBlock(long) - Method in interface nxt.blockchain.Blockchain
hasBlock(long) - Method in class nxt.blockchain.BlockchainImpl
hasErrors(boolean) - Method in class nxt.util.BooleanExpression
hasFeedbackNotes() - Method in class nxt.dgs.DigitalGoodsHome.Purchase
hasFreezesAt(int) - Static method in class nxt.freeze.FreezeMonitor
hasFxtTransaction(long) - Method in interface nxt.blockchain.Blockchain
hasFxtTransaction(long) - Method in class nxt.blockchain.BlockchainImpl
hash(byte[]) - Method in enum nxt.crypto.HashFunction
hash(byte[]) - Static method in class nxt.crypto.KNV25
hash(byte[]) - Method in class nxt.crypto.Scrypt
Hash - Class in nxt.http
hashAlgorithm(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.HashCall
HashCall - Class in nxt.http.callers
HashClause(String, String, byte[]) - Constructor for class nxt.db.DbClause.HashClause
hashCode() - Method in class nxt.account.AccountLedger.LedgerEntry
Return the hash code
hashCode() - Method in class nxt.account.FundingMonitor
Return the hash code
hashCode() - Method in class nxt.blockchain.BlockImpl
hashCode() - Method in class nxt.blockchain.ChainTransactionId
hashCode() - Method in class nxt.blockchain.ChildTransactionImpl
hashCode() - Method in class nxt.blockchain.FxtTransactionImpl
hashCode() - Method in class nxt.blockchain.Generator.ActiveGenerator
hashCode() - Method in class nxt.blockchain.UnconfirmedTransaction
hashCode() - Method in class nxt.crypto.SecretShare
hashCode() - Method in class nxt.db.DbKey.HashHashKey
hashCode() - Method in class nxt.db.DbKey.HashHashLongKey
hashCode() - Method in class nxt.db.DbKey.HashKey
hashCode() - Method in class nxt.db.DbKey.HashLongKey
hashCode() - Method in class nxt.db.DbKey.LongKey
hashCode() - Method in class nxt.db.DbKey.LongLongKey
hashCode() - Method in class nxt.db.DbKey.LongStringKey
hashCode() - Method in class nxt.db.DbKey.StringKey
hashCode() - Method in class nxt.http.responses.TransactionResponseImpl
hashCode() - Method in class nxt.peer.BundlerRate
Get the hash code
hashCode() - Method in class
hashCode() - Method in class
hashCode() - Method in class
hashCode() - Method in class
hashCode() - Method in class
hashCode() - Method in class
hashCode() - Method in class
HASHES_MISMATCH - Static variable in class nxt.http.JSONResponses
HashFunction - Enum in nxt.crypto
HashHashKeyFactory(String, String, String, String) - Constructor for class nxt.db.DbKey.HashHashKeyFactory
HashHashLongKeyFactory(String, String, String, String, String) - Constructor for class nxt.db.DbKey.HashHashLongKeyFactory
HashKeyFactory(String, String) - Constructor for class nxt.db.DbKey.HashKeyFactory
HashLongKeyFactory(String, String, String) - Constructor for class nxt.db.DbKey.HashLongKeyFactory
HashVoting(byte[], byte) - Constructor for class
hasImage() - Method in class nxt.dgs.DigitalGoodsHome.Goods
hasLock() - Method in interface nxt.util.ReadWriteUpdateLock.Lock
Check if the thread holds the lock
hasMigrationsAt(int) - Static method in class nxt.migration.MigrationMonitor
hasNext() - Method in class nxt.db.DbIterator
hasNext() - Method in class nxt.db.FilteringIterator
hasPhasingControl() - Method in class
hasPrunableData() - Method in interface nxt.blockchain.Appendix.Prunable
hasPrunableData() - Method in class nxt.blockchain.ChildBlockAttachment
hasPrunableData() - Method in class nxt.messaging.PrunableEncryptedMessageAppendix
hasPrunableData() - Method in class nxt.messaging.PrunablePlainMessageAppendix
hasPrunableData() - Method in class nxt.shuffling.ShufflingProcessingAttachment
hasPrunableData() - Method in class nxt.taggeddata.TaggedDataAttachment
hasPublicFeedbacks() - Method in class nxt.dgs.DigitalGoodsHome.Purchase
hasTransaction(Chain, byte[]) - Method in interface nxt.blockchain.Blockchain
hasTransaction(Chain, byte[]) - Method in class nxt.blockchain.BlockchainImpl
hasTransaction(byte[], int) - Method in class nxt.blockchain.TransactionHome
hasTransaction(byte[], long, int) - Method in class nxt.blockchain.TransactionHome
hasUnfinishedPhasedTransaction(long) - Static method in class
height(int) - Method in class nxt.blockchain.TransactionImpl.BuilderImpl
height(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.DividendPaymentCall
height(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.EncodeQRCodeCall
height(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetAccountAssetCountCall
height(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetAccountAssetsCall
height(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetAccountCurrenciesCall
height(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetAccountCurrencyCountCall
height(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetAccountLessorsCall
height(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetAssetAccountCountCall
height(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetAssetAccountsCall
height(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetBalanceCall
height(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetBalancesCall
height(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetBlockCall
height(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetBlockIdCall
height(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetCurrencyAccountCountCall
height(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetCurrencyAccountsCall
height(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetEffectiveBalanceCall
height(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetExecutedTransactionsCall
height(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.PopOffCall
height(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.ScanCall
height(int) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.TriggerContractByHeightCall
HEIGHT_NOT_AVAILABLE - Static variable in class nxt.http.JSONResponses
HelloWorld - Class in com.jelurida.ardor.contracts
Sample contract to demonstrate the basic operations.
HelloWorld() - Constructor for class com.jelurida.ardor.contracts.HelloWorld
HelloWorldForwarder - Class in com.jelurida.ardor.contracts
Sample contract to demonstrate basic operations.
HelloWorldForwarder() - Constructor for class com.jelurida.ardor.contracts.HelloWorldForwarder
HelloWorldForwarder.Params - Interface in com.jelurida.ardor.contracts
HexConvert - Class in nxt.http
HexConvertCall - Class in nxt.http.callers
hideDelisted(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetDGSGoodsCall
hideDelisted(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.SearchDGSGoodsCall
holding(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.CreatePollCall
holding(long) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.CreatePollCall
holding(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.DividendPaymentCall
holding(long) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.DividendPaymentCall
holding(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetAccountLedgerCall
holding(long) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetAccountLedgerCall
holding(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetFundingMonitorCall
holding(long) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetFundingMonitorCall
holding(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetHoldingShufflingsCall
holding(long) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetHoldingShufflingsCall
holding(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetPollResultCall
holding(long) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetPollResultCall
holding(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetStandbyShufflersCall
holding(long) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetStandbyShufflersCall
holding(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.ShufflingCreateCall
holding(long) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.ShufflingCreateCall
holding(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.StartFundingMonitorCall
holding(long) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.StartFundingMonitorCall
holding(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.StartStandbyShufflerCall
holding(long) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.StartStandbyShufflerCall
holding(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.StopFundingMonitorCall
holding(long) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.StopFundingMonitorCall
holding(String) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.StopStandbyShufflerCall
holding(long) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.StopStandbyShufflerCall
holdingId(long) - Method in class
HoldingMigrateBlockEventHandler - Class in nxt.migration
HoldingMigrateBlockEventHandler(HoldingSnapshot) - Constructor for class nxt.migration.HoldingMigrateBlockEventHandler
HoldingSnapshot - Class in nxt.migration
HoldingSnapshot(HoldingType) - Constructor for class nxt.migration.HoldingSnapshot
HoldingType - Enum in nxt.account
holdingType(byte) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.DividendPaymentCall
holdingType(byte) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetAccountLedgerCall
holdingType(byte) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetFundingMonitorCall
holdingType(byte) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.GetStandbyShufflersCall
holdingType(byte) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.ShufflingCreateCall
holdingType(byte) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.StartFundingMonitorCall
holdingType(byte) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.StartStandbyShufflerCall
holdingType(byte) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.StopFundingMonitorCall
holdingType(byte) - Method in class nxt.http.callers.StopStandbyShufflerCall
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